Charcoal? Activated Charcoal? | WHAT IS CHARCOAL & HOW IS CHARCOAL MADE?

Charcoal? Activated Charcoal? | WHAT IS CHARCOAL & HOW IS CHARCOAL MADE?

Is there a difference?

Characterized as black, fine, powdery, and generally tasteless (food grade);

Charcoal powder

Charcoal is processed from a variety of materials including:

  • Wood
  • Bones
  • Petroleum byproducts
  • Coal

The charcoal we'll be discussing is largely plant based from coconut shells - which is DEFINITELY something to consider if you are purchasing charcoal for personal use! 

Coconut Shell

Common charcoal is usually found in fire or smoke starters such as incense or barbecue lumps. As these products are not intended for internal use, they are often not pure charcoal and contain fillers and additives. 

Activated charcoal (carbon) may be produced using a physical or chemical activation. In both methods, the carbon containing material is heated to high temperatures (250 - 900 degrees Celsius). This process changes the morphology or shape of the carbon structure, creating a product that is very porous with a lot of surface area.

Because of this increase in porosity and surface area, Activated Charcoal is exceptionally adsorbent, and useful in a variety of applications!

Certainly one of the most popular medical uses of charcoal is to treat food or drug poisoning. I personally have a glass jar of charcoal in my medical kit! 

Activated charcoal has many industrial and chemical applications too:

  • Air purification
  • Chemical isolation
  • Spill clean-up
  • Groundwater remediation...

And so many more!

Activated charcoal (A key ingredient in our Black Soap Sugar Scrub ) is used in a variety of cosmetic applications for its efficiency in adhering to and containing toxins and dirt.

Why not incorporate activated charcoal into your beauty routine?

Want to know how?

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Charcoal powder, stick and plant 





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