Which herb is Earthy, warm, aromatic, peppery and yet sweet?



Used as both herb and spice, ginger is a rhizome grows underground into spreading branched sections.

Interestingly a rhizome is an underground stem!

Who knew?

Edible cooked or raw, you can control the heat by the degree of cooking or heating - the more ginger is cooked, the milder the flavours become.

Internally ginger is awesome for digestion, reducing inflammatory gastro-intestinal troubles.

Also wonderful as a tea or steeped in honey as a sore throat remedy!

We love ginger for the skin as it brightens the complexion (think glow not whiten!) and helps reduce acne and other topical bodily blemishes with its naturally antibacterial action.

Plants 💚

Ginger is such powerful stuff, that a little really goes a very long way!

How do you use Ginger?

Remember, always use Ginger and other plants with informed consideration!



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