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Now back to the question : How do I remedy severely dry and cracking soles?

If your feet are catching on your blankets, the skin is hardened and cracked – trust me, you’re not alone.
I've received so many requests to address this on socials and in email that I've crafted this post, especially for you.
Lets dive in and remedy those heels by chatting about the major offenders.



With central heating and cooling, the amount of moisture in the air is so low it is drying us out!

A portable humidifier is an easy way to adjust the moisture level in your home without breaking the bank. Move it into the room you tend to spend the most time in or have a dedicated unit in each room.

If the area is severely dry, you may want to consider a centralized humidifier.

At this risk of sounding like a broken record - DRINK MORE WATER.

Though you aren't craving it as much as you would in the summer heat, your body craves hydration more than you’d think.
Interestingly, we often mistake dehydration for hunger!
Spring water or distilled, grapes or cucumbers...it all counts!

Enjoy walking around barefooted?

Unless your floors are carpeted, increased cold exposure to brittle skin is aggravating - increasing formation of hardened skin.

Bring on the fuzzy slippers and flip flops!



Though the lovely woolen socks are warm on, they tend to be really absorbent as well - wicking away moisture from your feet.

While we can't always avoid wearing warm socks, ensure that you applying a moisturizer before wearing helps.

Retain moisture with socks!
Re-apply a creamy moisturizer at night, then cover with cotton socks.
Sleeping in the socks is even better - if you can stand it!



In order to maintain healthy skin, the old has got to go.
Soak your feel in very warm water for 20 minutes and slough away softened dry skin with a stone file or pumice stone.
Whatever does not come away easily isn't ready - leave it alone.

Repeat this process 2-3x per week until buildup has been removed, and once a week thereafter to maintain.




During the dry season it is very important to moisturize & seal.
We hydrate to support and maintain skin elasticity by adding moisture, and seal to slow the loss of moisture.

How to do it?

Spritz area with water, or directly after bathing and a damp dry - moisturize thoroughly with a nourishing cream. Follow up with a thin layer of raw butters & cover with cotton socks.

Learn more about the 3 step moisture method HERE.


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