Today's post is all about moisturization and how YOU can do it optimally, because...yes you can!

When you think of MOISTURE - what's the first product you think of?

•Your Lotion?
•Body Butter?

Let's chat about it.

Our bodies are made up of 60 - 70% WATER which is vitally important for skin health. Well moisturized happy skin is plump, springy, even in texture and radiates a notable glow without enhancements!

Too often we use products that are not FOR US, that offend the skin, causing peeling, dryness and cracking - you KNOW the ones.

And we continue to use them even with MINIMAL results.

Products must either SUSTAIN, SUPPORT or SEAL.


Aloe vera leaf, skin moisture, humectant

Enter humectants. We're talking your body mists.

Think glycerine, or honey - agents that capture moisture in the air.
Wonderful when used in small amounts to keep your skin dewy.

A Note of Caution ⚠️

During the winter or in dry climates, humectants as a sole moisturizer have the opposite effect - they'll sequester moisture FROM YOU if the air is lacking! 


Cream, moisturizer, sustain, green glass jar

Insert lotions and heavy creams here!

A competent lotion or cream will contain a balance of water, humectant and emollients to extend the moisture effect - likely for the entire day or longer - until it is removed. 

Another supporting element - believe it or not - is your soap!

How does your skin feel after bathing?

A natural soap which contains free floating oils and butters cleans gently and effectively while leaving some goodies behind to nourish your skin.


shea butter, natural butter, plant butter, sealant skin health

Here, you've got your body butters, oils and lotion bars.

These house all the dreamy emollients..

In a nutshell - an emollient is great at locking in what you've got! 

A great sealant is usually a mixture of oils ranging from deeply skin penetrating the layers of skin (like jojoba or tallow) to shallow (shea and cocoa) to effectively do the job.

To maintain optimal skin health we suggest the following:


After bathing, DAMP towel dry. Leave a little water behind on your skin.
The Turks are on to something with their beautiful long fibered towels. For those areas of our bodies that create their own moisture - feel free to dry thoroughly!


Apply a cream after bathing to prolong the effects of your now moisturized skin. If not, you will continue to loose moisture throughout the day resulting in the dreaded ash.
Just, don't do it.


After cream, this is the time to use your sealant for extra care.
Heels, knees, soles elbows with a lotion bar, or everywhere with a body butter!
You know best what you need.

Bask in the glory of moisturization!


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