Let's get acquainted over a cup of tea.

I'm D, the founder of Salt Of The Earth, a local Canadian company.

How did we get here?

Well, my love affair with formulating came about out of necessity, really.

I was constantly hunting for THE skin care product that would adequately moisturize my skin - a mission that always resulted in failure. I began to believe that I had some type of condition as no commercial product seemed to work. It was especially difficult during the l o n g bone chilling winter months where I was prone to dry itchy skin. To counteract this I started combining various petroleum based products. My skin put up with all the experimentation for a little while but not for long, and so, the hunt continued.

The box housing the product failures was overflowing, and I grew tired of wasting my money.

At that moment, my mother came to mind.

A firm believer in natural health - she always had herbs, seeds and oils at the ready to remedy any ailment. Her wealth of knowledge intrigued me and I spent countless hours in her kitchen observing her methods. She often recounted stories of my early years where "The case of missing cold cream" turned out to be my initial attempts to create "potions", but certainly not my last!

My gratitude towards you overflows, Mom.

It was no surprise then, when I pursued a career in science.

Armed with the teachings of my first professor and a degree in Chemistry, I started mixing simple ingredients together - pushing through the hits and misses - until I made something which gained a stamp of approval from my then small but steadily growing community.

I find nature fascinating, and the benefits I reaped even more so. I learned I didn't have bad skin after all, just tired skin that was no longer willing to put up with what I was putting on.

So started the journey of creating custom products for family and friends (you!), an endeavour enjoyed for over 10 years.